We came to the Bloch’s with a challenging project. The lot was cut back into the hillside and had a 10 foot drop off that looked ugly and was a danger. The Bloch team was able to turn that problem into a beautiful setting that made our home a enjoyable and beautiful place.

We are so grateful for their sincere and personal care.


Dennis and Mary Alf


Bloch’s Farm has been designing and installing landscape projects for nearly 30 years. Our professionally trained staff will be able to assist you with all your landscaping needs. We proudly offer the following landscaping services:

• Superb Landscape Design Team
• Hardscapes (Unilock, Brick, Flagstone, Boulders, Outcrops, & Edging)
• Ponds/Pondless Waterfalls
• Fire Pits
• Patios
• Retaining Walls and Walkways
• Outdoor Kitchens
• Kitchen Gardens
• Outdoor Living Spaces
• RSVP Certified Shoreline Restoration• Grading, Seeding, Sodding
• Complete Irrigation Systems
• Landscape Lighting Specialists
• Tree and Shrub Removal
• Rototilling
• Large Tree Installation: Instant Shade• Drain Tile Installation 

The design professionals at Bloch’s Farm can create a custom designed landscape plan for your home or business. In the example above, our client wanted to incorporate perennials and shrubs, with fewer annuals, for great looking, easy to maintain landscaping year after year. In addition, she had some existing perennials that she wanted to use in the plan. Our designer interviewed the client, measured the property, took photos, and tailored a beautiful landscape plan to the homeowner’s specifications.
Landscape Project Check List
Every project we take on requires a through assessment.
Meet with the Client
Establish client’s personal tastes and styles. 
Determine purpose of work to be done. Will it provide screening, prevent erosion, is it a new landscape or is it recreating an existing landscape? 
Is work to be performed all at the same time or in sections? 
Will the client be implementing the landscape plan and installing the products themselves, or will Bloch’s Farm be professionally implementing the plan? 
Obtain all client information including digger’s information and mailing address of client. 

Analyze the Site
Determine the soil type and perform a soil test. 
Assess the drainage at the site. 
Assess the light conditions at the site. 
Take note of compass directions. 
Assess water availability. 
Locate the best sites for beds or berms or specific sites within the established planting beds. 

Evaluate Surroundings
Note existing plantings, structures and the reflective or shade producing qualities of each. 
Note suggestions on plants, establish client’s preference regarding color, heights and textures. 
Measure site and take pictures of each side of the house and other important viewing angles. 
Note retaining issues, such as walls. Note drain tiles that may be needed. 
Assess need for outdoor lighting, keeping in mind safety issues. 
Note existing features that will influence the final design. 

Additional Client Information
Assess maintenance required (tree trimming, shrub pruning, weeding, etc.) 
Assess removal of existing trees or shrubs required. 
Assess removal of existing turf required. 
Assess back filling of top soil required. 
Assess grading required. 
Assess retaining work required. 
Assess mulching required. 
Assess edging or steppers required. 
Assess sodding, seeding or erosion control required. 
Establish time line for project installation, including site evaluation, prep work and final installation. 

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