Siberian and Blue Flag Irises

By: Lucinda Miller – Grounds Crew and Science educator (retired) – Bloch’s Farm – Green Lake, WI

As mentioned in previous articles, irises are among the many perennials that are ideal to plant in the fall. Planting and dividing irises, along with specifics about German irises were discussed in the previous articles. This week’s article will focus on Siberian iris and Blue Flag iris. Bloch’s Farm has Siberian iris stock in various colors and native Blue Flag wetland iris. 

The Siberian Iris, with smaller blossoms than the German Bearded Iris, is a very versatile plant. It is very similar to the Wild Native Blue Flag and comes in several color combinations. After blooming, the leaves remain in clumps with striking vertical form; therefore, it offers a longer season of garden interest.

The Siberian iris is adaptable to a range of planting times. To enjoy the blooms most readily, plant Siberian iris gardens in late summer or autumn. Planting Siberian iris gardens is best done in a rich, fertile soil with good drainage; however, Siberian iris will perform in lean or poor soils as well. The rhizomatous or fibrous roots can be planted in full sun to partially shady areas. Keep well-watered until established, usually for the first year.

Blue flag iris is ideal for wildflower gardens where the plant has access to plenty of moisture in spring. It makes a good pond or water garden plant, as it performs well in standing water. This plant, which reaches heights of 18 to 48 inches (.4 to 1.4 m.), displays long, narrow leaves, sometimes gracefully curved. The blooms are typically violet blue, but other colors also exist, including intense violet and white with bright pink veins.

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