planting Bulbs for Spring Color

By: Sue McConnell – Retail Team – Bloch’s Farm – Green Lake, WI

One of the most welcome sights in spring are masses of beautiful, brightly colored tulips and other spring bulbs. Red, yellow, pink, and shades of purple, along with white, brightens our yards and landscapes after a cold, dreary winter.

            Consider planting tulips, daffodils, crocus, and allium bulbs before the ground freezes in late fall, between mid-October to mid-November. Bulbs planted too early in the season tend to sprout and may begin their growth process if placed in the ground while there are still sunny, mild days and before it has cooled down.

            Bulbs are easy to plant! Dig a small depression in the soil in a rounded or oval shape. Bulbs need to be between 4 to 6 inches deep, so make your ‘bed’ big enough for 5, 7, or 9 bulbs. When your bed is ready, arrange the bulbs inside, tall ones to the back, shorter to the front. You can arrange by color or type. Bulbs come in early, mid, or late season varieties. By planting some of each you can expand their bloom time from early spring until early summer.

            Once your bulbs are in place, sprinkle each with bone meal or a special ‘bulb booster’ that will help them thrive, then cover with soil. When all your bulbs are in place, gently tamp down the soil, then water.

            You can also plant bulbs singly. Follow the same procedure, selectively digging down 6 inches for each bulb. This planting method will allow you to scatter the bulbs across a larger area for a more naturalized look. The round or oval depression method creates more of a bed producing a bigger color bang.

            Either planting method you choose, you will be rewarded next spring with beautiful flowers to cut and bring indoors for bouquets or to enjoy while looking through your windows.

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