‘Sun King’ Aralia 2020 Perennial of the Year

By: Jennifer LaMontagne-Assistant Horticulturist-Bloch’s Farm-Green Lake, WI

Are you in search of a plant that grows well in our area, requires little maintenance, brings color throughout multiple seasons, and is attractive to butterflies but not deer?  Then you might love the award-winning ‘Sun King’ Aralia (Aralia cordata)!  It was voted the 2020 Perennial Plant of the Year by the Perennial Plant Association, and it’s available for your gardening needs at Bloch’s Farm in Green Lake!

‘Sun King’ Aralia, originally found in the shady forests of Asia, prefers to grow in the shade.  A few hours of morning sun will encourage its bright green-gold foliage.  It is a fast-growing, herbaceous perennial that can grow 3-6 feet tall and wide in a single season. The small white clusters of flowers bloom on spikes in mid-summer and last until early fall, attracting bees and butterflies.  In the fall, small dark berries ripen, and while they are not for human consumption, they are a delicious treat for the birds.

Suited to Hardiness Zones 3-9, ‘Sun King’ looks great paired with hostas, coral bells, ferns, or brunnera.  Plant ‘Sun King’ in richly organic, well-drained soil.  Be sure to keep the soil moist because ‘Sun King’ isn’t able to tolerate drought conditions.  In late fall, this plant will die down to re-emerge in the spring as a small shrub.  To encourage branching, ‘Sun King’ benefits from a small cutback or pinching in May.  Known as a low-maintenance plant, ‘Sun King’ is not often affected by insects, diseases, or animals.

Bloch’s Farm continues to prepare for your spring planting needs.  We offer curbside pick-up or delivery for your safety and convenience.

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