Houseplant Care: Washing Your Indoor Plants Is Beneficial

By: Jennifer LaMontagne-Horticulturist-Bloch’s Farm-Green Lake, WI

Indoor plants can help boost our mood and creativity. Have you ever considered washing your indoor plants? There are several reasons why washing your plants is recommended. Some reasons are to reduce dust build up on the leaves and to prevent pests from harming your plants. Ivies (Hedera) and palms (Arecaceae) benefit from washing because they are more susceptible to pests, such as spider mites, aphids, and mealybugs. Washing can help prevent citrus plants from getting scale. 

To wash your plant, take it to a sink or tub, using lukewarm water and no soaps (soaps strip off natural substances on the leaf), spray with a soft sprayer the upper and lower surfaces of the leaves. It is recommended to wash your plants once a week. You can wash your plant when it needs watering. Make sure to let your plant drain so water doesn’t sit at the bottom of the pot and cause root rot. The best water to use is from a well or rainwater. City tap water is not as good for plants because of chemicals it may contain, such as chlorine and fluoride. If you only have access to city water, let a jug of water sit for 24 hours to let the chlorine gas out before using it to water your plants. You can also use distilled water.  

If washing seems too much of a hassle, you can just dust your plants off with a Swiffer duster or a plain soft rag. For one layer of dust on the leaves, light absorption is reduced by 25%. Therefore, whether you prefer washing or dusting, either one is beneficial for a healthy plant.

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