Growing Succulents

Bloch’s Farm Green Lake, WI

            Looking for that one plant that even someone with the blackest thumb could grow? Succulents are seemingly the IT plants to grow right now. They not only come in an array of colors but can go weeks without attention or water making them ideal for beginners.

            If you purchase a succulent and want to transfer it to a different piece of pottery or planter first make sure that it has drainage holes. If no drainage holes are present you can add a layer of gravel or stone to the bottom to create a pocket where excess water can go. If placing a succulent in a container without holes make sure to not overwater. The best type of soil to use when transplanting your succulent is a well drained mix such as a pre made cactus mix that won’t hold too much moisture. If you don’t have that available you can add sand, extra pumice, grit, or perlite to help drainage.

            Indoor succulents grow best in bright light such as in front of a sunny window. One sign that your succulent isn’t getting enough light is if it starts to grow very long with sparse leaves towards the light from a window. When watering get the soil completely damp then let it dry out before watering again. Many can go weeks without water but depending on type and location its best to keep a close eye on how they perform when you first purchase one.

            This season at Bloch’s Farm we are growing tropical/indoor and hardy succulents. Stop by and take a look at our collection! Call or email us with any questions 920-294-6000 or Opening for the season April 22nd!

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