New Proven Winner Annuals for 2019

By: Marie Streich Head Horticulturist/Grower Bloch’s Farm Green Lake, WI

Bloch’s Farm is thrilled to be growing the following new annual varieties:

Proven Winners Angelonia Angelface ‘Steel Blue’ -Angelonia are heat-loving plants that will grow most vigorously and bloom best when the heat is on. They are plants best planted in mid-spring or later, since they won’t really grow until the temperatures warm up. Angelonia will tolerate wet feet and a fair amount of drought. The plants are easy care with no deadheading needed. A bit of fertilizer or some compost in a garden bed is usually all that is needed for these plants to thrive. Due to their heat-loving nature they are one of the plants that can be planted even during the heat of mid-summer. Don’t forget that Angelface are great long lasting cut flowers with a slight grape soda fragrance. Try some in a flower arrangement this year and see for yourself!

Proven Winners Superbells ‘Doublette Love Swept’ Double Flowering Calibrachoa hybrid -Abundant, small double petunia-like flowers all season on cascading growth; low maintenance.  The flowers are a gorgeous deep pink, with a fine white rim on each petal.  The effect is pure heaven. Deadheading is not even necessary. Grows 6-10” tall and spreads 12-24”. Full Sun to Part Sun.

Proven Winners Superbells ‘Holy Smokes’ Calibrachoa Hybrid– Abundant, small petunia-like flowers all season on cascading growth; low maintenance.  The flowers are fun and flirty, with a soft yellow base overlain with blue-purple splotches. Very similar size, habit and growing conditions as ‘Doublette Love Swept’. Calibrachoa do not like to have constantly damp soil. They will do well in the ground only with good drainage. For most gardeners’ containers are the best use for Calibrachoa. Great used in hanging baskets, patio planters and combination planters of all kinds. 

Bloch’s Farm will be opening in mid-April weather permitting! Visit our website and feel free to email me at, or call at 920-294-6000.

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