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Bloch’s Farm has been blessed with stable, long-term employees who combine old fashion values and morals with new and forward ideas. The staff here at Bloch’s is trained in the latest trends and techniques in horticulture, floriculture and landscaping. We strive to continually offer the superb customer service that our staff is known for with a generous touch of hometown hospitality. Bloch’s Farm is proud to employ full-time growers/horticulturalists/master gardeners and our staff has unparalleled expertise in landscape design, landscape construction, tree installation, and plant care.

Employee Application

Interested in joining our crew? Fill out an application or send your resume. Applications and resumes can be emailed to . Call our office at 920-294-6000 with any questions.

Marie Streich,Horticulturalist/Grower

Hello, my name is Marie Streich. I went to college in Green Bay at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College and graduated in 2008 with an associate’s degree in landscape horticulture with a certificate in plant health care. Growing up on a dairy farm I learned a real appreciation of the outdoors and the land itself. I wanted a job where I could work to make this world a more beautiful place. Working at Bloch’s is a wonderful experience for me. Everyday is something different and challenging! It is very exciting for me to be able to put to good use all the things I learned in school.   I enjoy all aspects of horticulture but my focus is definitely plant health care. I am very passionate about correct pruning, fertilizing, and the proper use of chemicals in the landscape. I am also very interested in the identification and treatment of plant diseases and insect problems.      My favorite aspect about Bloch’s Farm is the people, everyone here is very experienced and supportive, I have learned a lot working with them. I feel a huge sense of accomplishment helping customers with all their landscape needs.   There are always new ideas being put into practice here from our ‘go green’ slogan to new plant varieties, and our displays that change almost weekly. So come in often to see all the exciting things going on at Bloch’s Farm!   Any questions please email me at

Melissa Netzer, Lead Landscape Designer

As lead Landscape Designer for Bloch’s Farm, my days are varied and challenging; and I love every minute. My job is a mix of Horticultural Science, Design and Graphic Art, Communications and good old fashioned sweat. I have the pleasure of working with a team of talented and professional people, and the most wonderful clients.

Together we create and enhance the beauty of our outdoor spaces. We push out the walls and make special places to take our life, and the people we love, outside.
My career started in my parents’ garden where I loved gardening with my Dad while growing up. Many hours were also spent in the woods, by a creek behind our house and in the mud. An appreciation of native areas and the plants in them was born. When given the chance, I’ll still pick going for a hike in the woods over almost any other activity!

While attending college at UW Eau-Claire, I studied communications. After taking time off to get married and while raising our family, the outdoors still called; this time in the form of getting out in my own yard to create flower, vegetable and native gardens. I was also called on by neighbors and friends to help plan their yards. My passion was ignited.

I began attending classes and seminars on plants and design, drawing and irrigation, hardscaping, drainage, native species and shoreline restoration….anything I could.
In 2001 I had the good fortune to work and study under a Landscape Architect for an entire season while at a nursery in the Fox Valley. Since then, I have been working as a professional Landscape Designer and become a member of the Landscape Design Association of Chicago where I continue to attend classes and seminars to stay up-to-date on the very latest in this diversified field.

My favorite plant would have to be ornamental grasses. They are beautiful from the moment they begin to unfurl in the spring. Grasses have great structure, come in a variety of colors and shapes, and stay standing through the winter. Talk about versatile and useful all year long! Happily, Bloch’s Farm carries a wide variety of grasses for every taste.

Please contact me with design questions, or to set up a design appointment, at or by calling Bloch’s Farm.

Jen Waters,Office Manager

My name is Jen Waters aka "Jenny from the Bloch" and I am the office manager at Bloch’s Farm. Prior to my position as office manager I lead the landscape team and had the wonderful opportunity to work with the landscape crew.This experience allowed me to learn the business from the ground up and from the inside out. I loved working on crew, especially the feeling at the end of each day and when we finished a landscape job. Wow! What a sense of accomplishment! I love the daily challenges involved in my current position too, even in the off season there is never a dull moment! John and Sue Ellen are just wonderful to work for. They encourage personal growth and value each and every employee. The staff at Bloch’s Farm is just amazing. I enjoy working with all of my friendly coworkers. I grew up in Green Lake. I moved away a few times but I always ended up coming back. I just love the area! I live in Green Lake with my husband Joe, our children Jadyn and Landen and dog Baxter. Joe and I love to landscape around our house too! I enjoy beautiful flowers, spending time with family & friends, and relaxing around Green Lake. I look forward to meeting you the next time you visit or call Bloch’s Farm!

Please email me if you have any questions or concerns at

Cody Otto, Landscape Crew

My name is Cody Otto. I am a homegrown boy from Princeton,Wi. I have taken multiple college courses through out the last 6 years for Fire protection, including DNR Wildland Fire service trainings, and Jaws of Life training. I am currently on my 6th year of being a proud member of the Princeton Fire and Rescue Department. Ever since I was a child I always looked at landscapes, lawns and always wanted to see what I could do to make them appear better to get that perfect "curb appeal". I have always had a great interest in constructing the outside of a residence for everyone to enjoy. I am beyond happy a year ago I was given the opportunity to work the Landscape sector here at Bloch's Farm. I could not be happier with who I work for, and everyone I work with. I continue to help people in surrounding communities succeed in getting their dream yard, and that perfect curb appeal.

Leah Glunn, Grounds

            When the spring flowers are starting to bloom and the weather has taken a sharp turn from dreary to sunny and nearly cloudless, I can't think of anyplace I would rather be than outside working with plants. I am graduating from Northeast Wisconsin technical college with a degree in Landscape Horticulture.  I was a member of the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College's horticulture club and served as treasurer my second year, where I was presented with many skills to learn and opportunities to grow. I grew up in the area and have been blessed to live in a quiet neighborhood where we had a big garden and lots of space outdoors to explore. I have always loved working with plants. I take great pride in caring for them and making sure they are healthy and flawless. My favorite plants are colorful perennials such as the many varieties of coneflowers. What a joy it is to start my career at Bloch's farm. I can't wait to watch myself grow and blossom!

Lee Katherine Baird, Creative Director/Merchandiser