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John Bloch, Owner

Sue Ellen Bloch, Owner

My husband, John and I created Bloch’s Farm 25 years ago. Many of our area friends and acquaintances will always remember the farm as being called “Bloch’s Farm” as this farm has been in the family for over 100 years! John’s great grandparents starting farming the land, raised livestock in the barn and out buildings. After both of us graduated from college at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, John and I married and eventually moved back to Green Lake. Because I am from Berlin (my fathers business was Goodrich Home Furnishings in Berlin~which my sister Tricia now runs) and because John is from Green Lake originally, it seemed a comfortable place for us to land.

I can surely remember those beginning days as an organic farm and flower market. I remember chasing around and trying to catch our organically raised chickens to take them to market in preparation for sale at the farm. At the same time I was chasing around our 3 tiny children, Kala Ellen, Megan, and Pauli, while John was working up in the Fox Valley as a Manager of Information Systems for Menasha Corporation. The children were 1, 2, and 3 years old when we opened “Bloch’s Farm Market.” Where has the time gone? Kala, Megan and Pauli are now 25, 26, and 27 years old!

In the course of my public speaking and seminar presentations, many folks ask me if I am surprised at the growth of Bloch’s Farm. I often answer that I am not surprised, as we do not like to do anything half way. Both John and I have put in seemingly thousands of hours of sweat equity to bring the farm to where it is today. We constantly hear from customers and clients that they have never been to such an organized, beautiful and clean garden and landscape center. When the state comes around to score and critique the farm, we receive amazing and excellent reports of cleanliness and clean plant materials and surroundings. I would love to take credit for that, but truth be told that our staff of superbly educated and organized men and women should have all the credit. We are very blessed indeed with long term, focused employees whose hearts stay with their own families but whose hearts are so evident on the farm. Each and every employee that works with us is appreciated and cared for as if they are a member of our own family. Our mission statement on the farm is simple. It is the Golden Rule…simply to treat others as you would want to be treated. When we follow this lead and keep God in our hearts, then we will be successful in our every endeavor. Blessings come when you do not chase them, they come when you least expect them. Blessings have nothing to do with money and everything to do with pride and satisfaction of a job well done, no matter what that job may be.

I guess I am amazed, however, at the landscape division of Bloch’s Farm. While our landscape installations and revenues have more than quadrupled over the last 15 years, we are so very proud of our installed projects! When we are contacted for a landscape job we treat our clients with the utmost respect and we listen very closely to their needs. Because we install major jobs involving outdoor kitchens, patios, fireplaces, retaining walls and so on, our listening skills are critical. Melissa Netzer, our lead landscape designer does an incredible job of listening and capturing our clients desires down on paper and into their specialized landscape designs. She has complete and thorough working knowledge of grades, retaining, design styles and simply what works and what doesn’t work. Her laid back style helps clients to feel comfortable and therefore they are able to express all of their desires and dreams for their specific landscape project. Melissa has the amazing talent of integrating our clients wishes into a fully scaled and detailed, colorful landscape design. We are very thankful that Melissa is on our design team.
We are very unique in the way that our jobsite materials come from the farm, thus allowing our clients to personally view all of their options for plant materials and hardscape materials. We offer one stop shopping. We have installed many different types of hardscapes right here on the farm, including ponds, patios, outdoor kitchen spaces, a beautiful wedding area, etc. We have installed our patio’s laid with many varieties and colors of pavers, and patterns to choose from. Please feel free to come over to the farm and have a look.John and his hardscape and planting crews do such a beautiful job on our sites. Kathy Egbert’s maintenance crew carries out that beautiful installation for years to come by providing awesome and affordable maintenance programs. Our head horticulturist Ashley does such an amazing job raising our plant materials to be the very best available anywhere in the state of Wisconsin. I say this only because I hear it day after day from you, the customers that visit and shop at the farm.

You may view some of our landscape projectson our webpage under Landscapes.

Our floral division has thrived and superseded all of our expectations! We now have secured a full liquor license for the farm and we host the most beautiful weddings and special events right here on the farm.

We have a personal stake in and appreciate each and every employee that works with us on this farm. We are thankful and we so appreciate all of their efforts in making our business the very best than it can be. When you call the business and Jen answers the phone, you will come to realize her warm, humble and highly efficient manner, and this will be your indication of the professional company we have grown to be.

Enough rambling from me…feel free to email me at anytime at I look forward to hearing from you.

Sue Ellen Bloch

Jake & Millie, Owners

Hi! My name is Millie and I am a Westie. My friend Jakey Pup the chocolate lab here doesn’t talk much. I am the boss and because I tell Jake how to think, I thought it best to write for the both of us. And after all, we are best friends and we have an understanding!

Our days here on the farm are busy. On any given day, we have many delivery trucks come in. Jakey pup and I have mastered the art of physically standing in the way of any delivery person making their way into the offices. When they finally relent and give us a treat we make the decision as to whether or not we will move out of the way. Sometimes Jakey will attempt to knock down a delivery person until they give us one more treat! Now we know this gets our mom and dad, John and Sue Ellen all riled up. Jakey has put on so much weight in his older years, I even heard mom say one day that he has a butt like a trotting horse! The NERVE! I of course have nothing to worry about as my svelte little body is streamlined and fit.

Jakey Pup and I have many routines down pat. I eat first every day. It is a bit un-nerving having Jakey stare at me as I eat, so sometimes I have to snap at him a bit to remind him of who is the boss. He tries to be so patient with my eating habits, but I hang around the bowl until he is in such a frenzy that I toss my head back and laugh-but I finally let him in to eat. He always eats so fast and he eats every last morsel of our food. After I eat, I usually find something outside that is distracting me. A leaf blowing, a rabbit nibbling, a deer walking- type thing. Or sometimes I am just plain bored and I have to shake things up a bit! My shrill bark puts Jakey over the edge, and I think it does the same to my masters! We race to the door together! Once at the door I have to go into squint mode as Jakey Pup’s tail is moving at such a fast wag that my eyes are in eminent danger! Jakey Pup always runs out first, I learned early on that if I attempt to get out the door first, I get trampled with all of Jakey’s unfurled excitement. So I say to myself ‘what is the big deal?’ and I let the old boy go. By the time our little routine is done and we both are outside whatever delicious scenario was out there in the first place is long gone.

So you see, our life is full of excitement and danger and as much routine as I let happen. When you come to the farm, you will see us on the office steps. Mom and Dad have an invisible fence in the ground for us so that we can’t walk down in the driveway. When I was being trained about the invisible fence and I got a mild shock when I ventured over the line, I was mad. So mad in fact that I didn’t allow myself to jump onto Mom’s lap. I just hid under what ever I could slither my body under. I did come to understand that they installed that fence because they love Jakey Pup and me and they don’t want us to get hit by a vehicle. So when you see us lounging out in the sun on the office steps, you can come up to us and pet us. I may or may not pay any attention to you, but Jakey Pup will love you up! But please don’t try to call me down or off of the steps.

Well until we meet again, have fun shopping at my parent's farm…and give me a wink. Trust me….I understand.

Love, Millie.